About the studio

With a creative savviness at the epicenter of our team, at Fourlines we make sure that each of our clients is treated to high standards by being provided with services that often exceed their expectations. With a versatile team of creatives from all around the world each bringing their knowledge, years of experience and their unique talents Fourlines Design Studio is a one-stop-shop recipe to achieving your goals.

To exploit the potential of the digital, we develop memorable websites and help brands with their visual image and strategy.

Our core team

Alexandra Ribet


Dominique Paul


Fernando Kylas


Xavier Coiffic


We are an innovative eco-responsible collective with multiple views on different creative angles.

Our team of professionals

Kelvin Dudley

Lad for Communication Direction

Elis Oneal

Vigilant Empathy Designer

Kendrick Brooks

Predictive Advocate

Lana Beard

IoT Designer of VR

Sachin Fritz

Expert Programmatic Marketer

Dawood Mccarty

Bemused Godfather of Pretentious Animation

Mildred Hills

Subjective Designer and Partisan

Findlay Avalos

Qualitative Design Human

Maximilian Ellis

Incremental Creative Arts Perfectionist

Tymon Dyer

Persuasion Designer of Stylism

Zander Gibson

Illusionist of Imagery

Aiysha Whitehouse

Design Architect and Attaché

Gary Jaramillo

Stylish States Designer

Poppy-Mae Peterson

Junior Link Building Ninja

Luci Humphreys

Emissary and Designer

Alessio Cano

MR Communicator

Emilis Povey

Philanthropist of Missions

Mallory Webber

Spinmeister of Scope

Critical Designer

Marco Sexton

Ela Mckee

Incentivised Translator of Product Design

Laaibah Romero

Futurist of Inclusivity

With a team of experienced professionals who carefully make it their mission to understand your needs, we focus on reliable, brand-enhancing design solutions and original digital development concepts.

Our studio's mindset is defined by our exploration of connectedness between the two aspects - modern design and the rise of technology.

Friends we have made while working together

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